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What is Agile-ish.Life?

Agile-ish.Life is our Private Agile Community of Practice for those looking to grow professionally. We deal HEAVILY with helping you get your imposter syndrome in check, while also securing the salary to go with your new found competence and confidence. This space is exclusively for members. There is a fee to join.

What You Get with Your Agile-ish.Life Membership

  1. A monthly Zoom meetup (mini-training and Q&A).
  2. A list of Agile resources and self-study materials.
  3. An opportunity for you to partner with other Agilists on projects and practice what you’ve learned in your Agile and Scrum certifications.
  4. The community is active daily, asking and answering Agile related questions in the group.
  5. The format is not a course or coaching relationship with Amber Chandler. It is a community learning environment from everyone in the room (which so happens to include Amber and other Agilists).

What Else You Can Expect in Agile-ish.Life

COLLABORATIVE MENTORSHIP from your peers, because this is a MAJOR gap in many instances

RESOURCES (some free/some paid) with courses and downloadables to help you level up professionally and personally

PROMOTIONS and GIVEAWAYS (because why not?!)

LIVE SESSIONS monthly with our Chief Agilist, Amber Chandler

ACCESS to exclusive products, initiatives and offerings only available to CoP subscribers

AN UNMATCHED COMMUNITY to build a squad with (whether you connect with those with the same identity or city - find your people!)

SPACES/ROOMS to discuss topics with this group of thoughtful, funny, smart Agilists and PMs

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